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Freelance Artist 2005 - present
2d artist for hire. Illustrations, Ingame and Animation Backrounds, Covers, Visualisations

Artist (Modeller&Texturer) june 2003 - november 2004
Runing own litle company Working for Austrian Regional Government on ecological&educative game entitled "Keep COol in Sunshine City 2" Modeling and texturing City and Countryside for SimCity-like game

Artist (Modeller&Texturer) january 2002 - may 2003
Working as independent developer for Austrian Regional Government on ecological&educative game entitled "Keep Cool in Sunshine City" Comix style modeling

Artist (Modeller&Texturer) december 2001 - november 2002
Mayhem Studios
Work on various unfinished projects
Outdoor enviroments modeling and texturing

Artist (Modeller&Texturer) march 2001 - november 2001
Partial works on titles Chaser and Connan
Ingame objects and weapons modeling and texturing

Artist (Modeller&Texturer) june 1999 - february 2001
Illusion Softworks, Bratislava Branch Office
Title: Chameleon
Indoor and Outdoor enviroments modeling and texturing

january 1997 - june 1999
SUV Jozefa Vydru, Secondary School of Applied Arts, Department of Advertisement
Dubravska Road 11, Slovakia

september 1990 - june 1994
Gymnazium A. Markusa, Grosslingova 18, Bratislava, Slovakia
Comprehensive School Graduation

Modeling and texturing in 3d studio Max
Painting and making Textures in Photoshop 8

I'm at first place low-poly enviroment modeller, but I can do also characters, objects and vehicles.
I'm capable of making textures for all kinds of 3d models. I never did high-poly models like those used in Blizzard cinematics, but would like to try if there will be any opportunity. I have drawing and painting skills too. As absolvent of classic art school, I could use classical instruments, but I prefer painting with Tablet in last years.

I could paint even some concept art or illustrations. I do some in my spare time for improving my drawing and painting skills.